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2 February, 2019
The city of art
22 May, 2019

Mexican Handicrafts: culture and traditions.

Colors, arts and tradition. When we talk about Mexico, we must talk about its culture, and handicrafts are part of the national cultural expression that has passed on generation to generation.

When you visit the country’s capital city, you may not miss three representative handicrafts.


Alebrijes are fantastical creatures that merge different animals –real and imaginary- that Pedro Linares dreamt of while he fell very ill back in 1936. Today, they’re considered a symbol of the Mexican popular art.

These brightly colored pieces are made of papier maché.


Mexican Hat

A classic of the Mexican culture, the Mexican hat (Sombrero charro) is made of rabbit skin, which requires a special treatment and ironing procedure. The decoration a Mexican hat boasts is hand-embroidered using multi- or single-color threads and sequins.

Tree of life

Trees of life from Metepec are considered true works of art.

Made of clay, they feature images and symbols that were used for the teaching of the Biblical story of the creation.

When you acquire a piece of Mexican craft, you take with you a part of Mexico and its culture.

Craftwork is usually the economic livelihood of many communities in the country that strive for preserving these traditions. At Central Hoteles, we have opened spaces for our Mexican craftsmen to showcase their art pieces and our guests to approach the Mexican culture through the crafts they may acquire.