Alan x el Mundo in Zocalo Central

In 2014, Alan Estrada visited us at Zócalo Central to celebrate the Grito de Independencia as it should be: in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Accompanied by actress Regina Blandón and singer Diego Amozurrutia, Alan had dinner at Balcón del Zócalo, located on the sixth floor of our hotel, to experience a very Mexican night.

Watch the video here.

Alan x el mundo is a blog and channel that was born as a means to share Alan's experiences in the cities he visited. He never imagined it would become his job. People's interest in his blog kept growing, and brands and destinations approached him with invitations, gradually turning his travels into a business. Always preserving his essence, Alan makes a living from what he loves: traveling.

Currently, he has over 1 million followers, making him the most influential Spanish-speaking travel blogger. Alan continues to edit, organize his itineraries, and share his trips, remaining true to his vision and followers. "I am a real traveler, honest and without decorations. I will always give my honest opinion about places".

Real and fun information, Alan x el mundo aims to help other travelers with useful and firsthand information, tips, and experiences in an organic and entertaining way. Alan Estrada visited us in September 2014, but since then, all the spaces have changed: the rooms, common areas, and Balcón del Zócalo Restaurant have been recently renovated, making us the newest hotel in the square. When it comes to evolution, change is synonymous with improvement. By staying true to our essence and values, this growth is a sign of our interest in our guests, just as Alan is committed to his audience.


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