Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day with different experiences in CDMX

Mexico is a country full of traditions and festivities that fill the streets with color, the atmosphere with joy and the hearts with pride.

Among them, the celebration of Mexico's Independence Day, with the famous "Grito de Independencia", is probably one of the most anticipated festivities of the year. Of course, there are plenty of options and fun experiences to shout "Viva México!"


Why is the Grito de Independencia celebrated?

"El Grito" is one of our most important Mexican traditions. This act commemorates the moment in which, in September 1810, Miguel Hidalgo (the father of the country) made the call to start the Mexican Independence movement.

Every year, the president of Mexico, all the states’ governors, municipal presidents and authorities of each town come out to the balconies of the government palaces to give the Grito de Independencia. This is the most important act of the Mexican national holidays.

Although on September 15 and 16 celebrations are held in every corner of the country, there are destinations where this date is lived with greater fervor, since these places also played an essential role during the independence movement. Such is the case of Mexico City, the capital of the country, where traditions, flavors and activities around this great event come together.


Where to celebrate the Grito de Independencia in Mexico City?

You will find good spots to "dar el grito" all over the city. Between bars, terraces, and restaurants, you will have a great time wherever you go.

Of course, the Historic Center is the favorite place to spend the Independence Day celebration, because it is where the official celebrations take place, where there are parades and public events, plus the whole area is painted in green, white and red, the colors of our flag. The Zócalo, the main square of the city and the entire country, is filled with lights and decorations every year to celebrate the national holidays, as well as the beautiful Paseo de la Reforma avenue.

These are some options you have to celebrate September 15 and have a great time in CDMX.


Go to a terrace in the Historic Center

The Historic Center is the best place to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day, as it is the heart of the city and one of the most emblematic sites in the country. Here locates the National Palace, where every year the president gives "el grito" from the presidential balcony and rings the bell honoring the moment when Miguel Hidalgo called the Mexican people to begin the fight.

Terraces always have a special charm for any celebration and even more, if they are well located, that's why going to a nice rooftop is a great option.  

And for this, there is no better than our restaurant Balcón del Zócalo, located on the sixth floor of our hotel Zócalo Central, in front of the Zócalo. From our terrace, you can watch "el grito" given by the President of Mexico, the fireworks and the official celebrations of the presidency. All accompanied by the delicious gastronomic offer and mixology of Balcón del Zócalo (by the way, our season of chiles en nogada -the most traditional dish of the national holidays- is active throughout September, you can't miss it!)


Sip tequila to the rhythm of mariachi music in Garibaldi

Probably the two most famous Mexican icons in the world are tequila and mariachi. Of course, this is the perfect combination to celebrate the Grito de Independencia!

The most fun place to drink tequila and sing with mariachis is at Plaza Garibaldi, where 24/7 you will find mariachi bands ready to play for you and have a big party right there in the middle of the street. The plaza is surrounded by cantinas and bars where tequila is served until the wee hours of the morning, so if you're a long runner, this is the place to unleash the night.


Have fun in Roma and Condesa bars

La Roma and Condesa are two of the most famous neighborhoods near downtown to visit and have a good time. Not only are they beautiful areas full of trees and Art Deco architecture, but in recent years they have become cultural, artistic, gastronomic and nightlife hotspots.

Both neighborhoods are full of stylish bars and restaurants, and on the night of September 15, they throw parties to celebrate "el grito".

Cantina Rivera del Sur with its delicious Yucatan Peninsula cuisine is always a good choice. The Supra rooftop has the best panoramic view of the area in a chic atmosphere. If you are a gin lover, the Gin Gin bar is always full of good vibes. Of course, don't forget to consider the Baltra bar and the Licorería Limantour, both recognized among the 50 best bars in the world by "The World's 50 Best Bars" list.


Eat traditional churros in Coyoacán

Coyoacán is the most beloved neighborhood in the south of Mexico City. With its picturesque cobblestone streets, colorful big houses and bohemian atmosphere, it is simply an irresistible and charming place to visit.

On the night of September 15, the main independence celebrations take place in the Jardín Hidalgo and Jardín Centenario. But, something you should not miss when in Coyoacán is to eat traditional churros (either plain or stuffed) with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Café El Jarocho is the most famous place to indulge in these delicacies. This café has several locations throughout Coyoacán, and you will find one just around the corner from Jardín Hidalgo.


Party in the trajineras of Xochimilco

If you want a more folkloric plan, take a tour of the canals of Xochimilco aboard a colorful trajinera that will take you through its floating gardens. It sounds like something out of a movie and looks like it when you're there.

In fact, this network of canals and the floating gardens known as "chinampas" were named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. 

A very "chilango" plan is to go to Xochimilco with a group of people (the more, the merrier), get on a trajinera and bring food and drinks to enjoy during the tour through the canals. You can also bring your own music or wait for the mariachi and regional music bands that sail in smaller boats to approach your trajinera and have a good party. A very fun experience!


Stay at Central Hoteles!

If you have the opportunity to be in Mexico City on September 15, we are sure you will have an incredible time. We take the "Grito de Independencia" celebrations very seriously, so good times and fun are present throughout the city.

Enjoy the national holidays with a touch of Mexican hospitality and the excellence in service that characterizes us at Central Hoteles. Our hotels, Zócalo Central and Histórico Central, are located in the heart of the Historic Center, where the Independence Day celebrations are lived with the most incredible enthusiasm. 



Come and shout with us, "Viva México!"


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