Central Hoteles Reopening

Our main objective has always been to provide true Mexican hospitality, guaranteeing the health of our clients and collaborators. During this historic situation, we have placed even more emphasis on your safety, well-being and health. This is why we have created the “SAFE STAY” program made up of a group of internal and external people in safety and hygiene, who will work hand in hand to offer you a safe hospital experience like nowhere else. We have the highest standards, leading the protection and safety of our community and the environment.


For this, all our collaborators will receive the necessary training regarding our new “SAFE STAY” program and audits will be carried out on the procedures and protocols in each department, adapted to each area: Safety Standards, Hygiene Standards and Public Areas.


We adapt and reinvent ourselves to offer you a new stage focused on your well-being, but without leaving aside the fact that we are always Focused on you. We are ready to create new experiences and experiences with you. We appreciate all your trust. It is not a simple reopening. The crisis has reinforced our vision, mission, values and commitment to a responsible tourism model that takes care of itself, takes care of people and nature. We hope to see you soon!



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