In Mexico we have various traditions and celebrations throughout the year. One of them is the celebration of La Bandera, a national symbol recognized in Mexico and the world. On February 24, Mexicans commemorate the Flag of Mexico, remembering its colors and shield. Each color has a different connotation; in the middle, a shield that tells the history of the country. Green means independence and hope; white represents unity, while red is a tribute to national heroes. The shield tells the story of the founding of Tenochtitlán, representing the sign of the Mexica to establish their empire on Lake Texcoco.

This sign was an eagle perched on a flowered cactus devouring a snake in the middle of a lagoon, becoming at that time the Mexican shield. This represented the communion of the cosmic force of the sun with the forces of the earth. Mexico is full of tradition in every corner, that is why at Central Hoteles we celebrate our history in Tours by Central, which our guests can enjoy during their stay, having different destinations that highlight the culture in Mexico City.

Your stay at Central Hotels is an opportunity to learn about every part of Mexico's history. Stay at the Zócalo Central Hotel or the Central Historic Hotel and enjoy our tours, facilities and amenities, a service Centered on You.


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