September is the month to celebrate Mexico. As the month in which the anniversary of one of the country's most important civic holidays is celebrated, the streets, squares, and main monuments are adorned with decorations that showcase the national colors, as a tribute to the Mexican flag.

The gastronomy is not left behind. Through the ingredients and flavors of our national cuisine, typical dishes are prepared throughout the country.

Mexico City is the main hub of the celebrations, where a series of events take place to mark the commemorations and immerse you in this atmosphere of Mexican festivities and traditions.

Here are some options to immerse yourself in the patriotic celebrations and shout at the top of your lungs: VIVA MEXICO!"



The National Center for the Arts (CENART) organizes activities during this patriotic month that celebrate Mexican traditions in their event, La Fiesta de México.

Dance performances and musical shows with themes from different regions of the country take place in this venue to commemorate national pride through art and culture.

Among the events, there is a showcase of folkloric dance, Tradición Mestiza, featuring dances from indigenous and mestizo communities, as well as regional typical dances. Additionally, there will be a musical repertoire of sones and huapangos, honoring traditional Mexican music.

La Fiesta de México is an event that immerses you in the patriotic atmosphere that prevails throughout September and is located just 15 minutes away from our hotels.




Year after year, the commemorative celebration of Mexico's independence takes place in the main square, Zócalo, of Mexico City. During the night of September 15th, the square is adorned with decorations, lights, flags, and filled with the presence of hundreds of people who witness the fireworks display, music, and above all, the traditional Cry of Independence.

This is an event celebrated in most public squares across the country and is viewed by thousands of spectators through various broadcasting platforms, undoubtedly one of the most significant in Mexico.

After the civic ceremony concludes, different musical groups take the stage, creating a celebration filled with music that highlights national pride and resonates with the attendees.



At Central Hoteles, we put all our efforts into showcasing the value of Mexican history and culture through a dedicated team.

As a tradition, our restaurant located on the sixth floor of Zócalo Central Hotel hosts a commemorative event parallel to the celebrations in the Plaza de la Constitución: the heart of the festivities.

Mariachis, cocktails, contemporary Mexican cuisine, along with a privileged view of the main square, transform the atmosphere into a traditional "Mexican night."

Furthermore, from the terrace, you can witness the famous Cry of Independence, and the following day, the military parade accompanied by a brunch.


The city offers various options to immerse yourself in a genuinely Mexican atmosphere during these celebrations.

Happy Independence Day!



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