Traditional sweets, a delight!

A trip to Mexico is not complete without trying the typical sweets. There is a great variety of traditional Mexican sweets from each region of the country. Handcrafted, these sweets transmit national culture. The arrival of the Spanish brought new customs, traditions, and flavors to indigenous culture. Here are some typical Mexican sweets that you can't miss:

Alegrías Amaranth Seeds, honey, and raisins or nuts. These sweets were mainly produced in Santiago Tulyehualco in Xochimilco, Mexico City. In pre-Hispanic times, they were used as a form of currency and as ceremonial offerings to the gods.

Ates: This sweet arrived in Mexico during the colonial period. It is often served with cheese. There are different flavors available such as guava, tejocote, pear, or pumpkin.

Borrachitos: We owe the existence of this sweet to the nuns. They prepared them during colonial times as gifts for their benefactors, as a token of gratitude. They are made with flour, milk, and soaked in alcohol, with a sugar coating.

Cacahuates garapiñados: Peeled peanuts, sugar, and vanilla essence with a crunchy texture. The sweet coating is achieved by coating the sugar onto the nut.

Cocadas: If you like coconut, you have to try this sweet. Cocadas are made with a mixture of grated coconut and baked milk.

Glorias: Originating from Linares, Nuevo León, Glorias are made with burnt milk and nuts. Why "Glorias"? The granddaughter of the creator had that name.

Jamoncillo: A sweet made with milk and decorated with chopped nuts. Typical in the northern states of the country.

Merengues: Typical in Mexican popular culture, merengues are among the favorite sweets in Mexico. It is common to find a merengue vendor on the streets of the country. They are prepared with egg whites, sugar, cornstarch, and vanilla.

Mueganos: Made with flour, lard, salt, and anise, these sweets originated in Huamantla, Tlaxcala. They consist of several pieces of baked dough covered in a cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar) honey.

Pepitorias: Colorful! These sweets are made with bright-colored wafers, a solid caramel mixture, and pumpkin seeds.

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