Unmissable places in Mexico City

Mexico City has world-renowned tourist options thanks to its cultural heritage, traditions and gastronomy.

Although it does not seem like an easy decision, it is important to have a clear list of destinations that the heart of the capital offers during your trip.

Below, we show you a video in which our collaborators invite you to visit the places that they consider essential.


Also known as the City of the Gods, Teotihuacán is an archaeological site 40 kilometers northeast of Mexico City. In Nahuatl it means "the place where men became gods", and is home to some of the largest ancient pyramids in the world. According to legend, it was here where the gods met to plan the creation of man. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Delve into Mexico's pre-Hispanic past by visiting this enigmatic place.



This ancient sacred site is located in the heart of Mexico City. It was built by the Aztecs in honor of Huitzilopochtli and Tláloc. The temple was considered the center of the universe. It currently has eight rooms in which archaeological pieces that were found since 1978 are exhibited.

The route that marks this place takes you on a journey through time that you will surely not forget.




Another must-see in Mexico City is Plaza Garibaldi. Thanks to its musical essence, characteristic of Mexican culture, the mariachi house located in the central area of CDMX is one of the busiest tourist places, and is imbued with a festive atmosphere unique in the world. In addition, it is surrounded by traditional bars and cantinas that will guarantee you an unforgettable experience.



They say that the best way to get to know a city is by visiting its Historic Center, in the case of CDMX this could not be more true.

Being the largest in Latin America, it is one of the most emblematic tourist attractions in the world and the main cultural tourism destination in the country.

Definitely, there is nothing like exploring it on foot and enjoying points such as the Plaza de la Constitución, the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Old City Hall building, the Estanquillo Museum, the Spanish Casino, or the Iturbide Palace, among many other architectural gems.

Each street, festivity, artistic work and gastronomic life reflect its cultural richness. For this reason, it is declared “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.


Located on the sixth floor of the Zócalo Central hotel, this gastronomic point reflects the essence of Mexican cuisine, reinterpreting its culture and tradition in each dish.

Each season has a menu that is based on the most representative ingredients of the season, and is specially designed with the aim of awakening the senses of those who try it through each creation.

Additionally, it is the only restaurant in the Historic Center that has a wine cellar that is proud to present only Mexican wines.

We do not want to miss its exclusive panoramic view of the Plaza de la Constitución, which complements each meal and creates memories that will last in your memory.



Going to Xochimilco is walking on the traditional trajineras, admiring the flowers and falling in love with the colors of Mexico.

In the 1930s, tourist tours along the canals began. Nativitas, Zacapa and Las Flores Nativitas are considered the most traditional and have parking, craft markets and restaurants to complement your experience.


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