What is El Grito de Independencia and how to experience it in Mexico City?

Mexico is a country full of traditions and festivities that fill the streets with color, the atmosphere with joy and the hearts with pride. Among all of them, El Grito de Independencia (the Cry of Independence) is probably one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year.

 Why is El Grito de Independencia celebrated in Mexico?

El Grito is one of the most important Mexican traditions that we have. This act commemorates the moment in which, in September 1810,

Miguel Hidalgo (the father of the country) made the call to start the Mexican Independence movement. Every year, the president of Mexico, all the states’ governors, municipal presidents and authorities of each town come out to the balconies of the government palaces to give the Cry of Independence. This is the most important act of the Mexican national holidays. Although on September 15 and 16 celebrations are held in all corners of the country, there are destinations where this date is lived with greater fervor, in addition to having played an important role during the independence movement. Such is the case of Mexico City, that being the capital of the country, is where the traditions, flavors and activities around this great event come together. The Independence of Mexico is a cause for great joy and as a good Mexican party, we celebrate it with excitement and delicious food. Chiles en nogada are the most traditional dish of the season, since their origin dates back precisely to those moments in the history of Mexico.

Celebrate El Grito for Mexican Independence Day in Mexico City!

The historic center is the best place to celebrate the Independence of Mexico, as it is the heart of the city and one of the most emblematic places in the whole country. Here locates the National Palace, where the president gives El Grito from the presidential balcony and rings the bell honoring the moment in which Miguel Hidalgo called the Mexican people in the same way to begin the fight. 

Our Zócalo Central hotel is located right in front of the capital's Zócalo, so we have an unparalleled view to celebrate Mexico. As is already a tradition, our restaurant Balcón del Zócalo, located on the sixth floor of the hotel, delights all palates with its chiles en nogada season. From our terrace, you can experience the famous Cry of Independence, the fireworks and the official celebrations of the presidency. Although this year there will be no mass events, it will continue to be a date that invites healthy celebration and national pride. Enjoy the national holidays with the touch of Mexican hospitality and excellence in service that characterize us. We are committed to giving value to the history and culture of our country. Come and shout with us, Viva México!


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