The 10 Best Events and Activities for the Day of the Dead this 2023

The Day of the Dead is a celebration deeply rooted in Mexican culture, a holiday rich in traditions, colors and flavors that fills the streets of Mexico every year.

This commemoration, far from being a mournful occasion, is a vibrant celebration of life and a loving reminder of those who have passed to the other side.

As every year, Mexico City adorns itself in a special way with a series of unique events and activities that promise to make this holiday an unforgettable experience. From the traditional ofrendas to spectacular parades, night tours and gastronomic proposals that will make you taste the best flavors of the season, the CDMX becomes the perfect setting to experience the Day of the Dead in all its magnitude.

Join us to discover the best events and activities the Mexican capital has prepared for this significant and unique celebration. We list them in order of date to make it easier for you to choose which ones you want to go to.

Pan de Muerto Festival at the Kaluz Museum
If you love pan de muerto, the Kaluz Museum has an event you won't want to miss. On October 21 and 22, between 10 am and 6 pm, the museum doors will open to celebrate its long-awaited Pan de Muerto Festival.

For a cost of MXN 120, not only will you have access to this culinary event, but you will also receive a "tasting document" that will allow you to vote for your favorite pan de muerto.

In this edition, 8 establishments have been selected to present their proposals for this delicious seasonal delicacy, guaranteeing a diverse and delightful experience.

Buy your tickets at the Kaluz Museum website.

Mega Catrinas Procession 2023
The Mega Catrina Procession is one of the Day of the Dead's most iconic and anticipated event

This year is particularly special, as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of filling the streets with the color and mystery that characterize this iconic figure created by Mexican engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada.

The date is Sunday, October 22 at 6:30 pm, and the procession will begin at the Angel of Independence, from where the catrinas and calacas will parade along Paseo de la Reforma and Juarez Avenue, culminating their journey in the Zocalo.

It is a free event and there will be professional makeup artists helping with the characterization of the catrinas.

Legends of the Dead at the Latin American Tower
Immerse yourself in a unique and chilling experience in one of Mexico City's most emblematic buildings: the Torre Latinoamericana. From October 27 to November 1, when night covers the city, you will have the opportunity to explore this iconic tower while listening to terrifying and mysterious stories of the dead.

Every corner of the building will resonate with the legends that have formed part of Mexico's rich mosaic of myths and tales of the afterlife.

This activity has a cost of MXN 300 per person. You can buy your tickets here.


Historic Center Ofrendas and Floral Arrangements Festival 2023
From October 27 to November 4, Mexico City's Historic Center will be transformed into a splendid garden of memories and traditions with the Ofrendas and Floral Arrangements Festival.

The streets will be filled with colors and aromas, and different establishments, from museums and restaurants to hotels and other businesses, will display unique ofrendas. There will also be cultural activities to enrich the experience, such as photographic exhibitions, plays and even a catrina catwalk.

All of the ofrendas will be located in places accessible to the public. Schedules will depend on each establishment.

If you are interested in this event, visit the Historic Center and walk through its main streets, such as Madero and 5 de Mayo.

Day of the Dead Night Bike Ride 2023
The night of Saturday, October 28, will be filled with magic, color and movement with the "Day of the Dead Night Bike Ride". The ride will start at the Fuente de Petroleos and end at Plaza Tlaxcoaque, near the Pino Suarez subway station.

This free event invites everyone to join this special ride, where you can celebrate and honor life and death by pedaling through the city on a night where there will also be contests, live music and surprises.

The schedule for the night bike ride is from 7 to 11 pm.

Mythical Cemeteries
From October 29 to November 2, Mexico City invites you to visit its most mythical cemeteries and immerse yourself in an experience full of respect, tradition and devotion to the dead.

This is a special opportunity to learn firsthand how the memories of loved ones are lived and celebrated in different parts of the city, sharing moments of reflection and honor in places full of history and culture.

You can visit emblematic cemeteries such as San Andres Mixquic in Tlahuac, the San Isidro Cemetery in Azcapotzalco and the Dolores Cemetery in Miguel Hidalgo, among others. Each visit promises an unforgettable experience that will allow you to connect with the essence and traditions of the Day of the Dead in the Mexican capital.

Mega Ofrenda in the Zocalo 2023
From October 29 to November 5, the Zocalo will be home to a mega ofrenda dedicated to the revolutionary hero, Pancho Villa. An imposing 17-meter-high sculpture, accompanied by cardboard figures and a mega altar, will be the heart of this commemoration, creating a tribute full of history and tradition.

Don't miss it!

Mega Ofrenda UNAM 2023
Continuing with the ofrendas (the most colorful and important tradition of the Day of the Dead), we cannot miss the mega ofrenda that every year is installed in "CU", the central campus of the UNAM.

This year, UNAM's mega ofrenda pays tribute to "Women in the Sciences, Humanities and Arts". It will be installed at the University Olympic Stadium (access through gate B) and you can visit it on November 1 and 2 from 11 am to 9 pm, to remember, celebrate and honor the significant contributions of women in various fields of knowledge and creativity.

Day of the Dead Grand Parade 2023
Another event to be noticed is this parade that invites locals and visitors to celebrate the richness and cultural diversity of the Day of the Dead.

The parade will take place on Saturday, November 4, starting at 2 pm from the emblematic Puerta de los Leones in Chapultepec Forest and ending at the Zocalo.

The route will be flooded with a splendid procession of floats and troupes that will pay homage to Mexico's rich cultural history and the diverse artistic expressions of its communities. Each step of the parade will be a celebration of life, a tribute to the departed and a vibrant demonstration of the enduring spirit of Mexican culture.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead at Balcon del Zocalo
On November 4, on the 6th floor of the Zocalo Central Hotel, we will pay tribute to the tradition of the Day of the Dead with a brunch that will take you on a gastronomic journey through the most iconic dishes of Mexico.

Starting at 7 pm, there will be a Candlelight Night with a Day of the Dead Dinner with a tasting menu with wine pairing to allow the light to always be the guide.

*Activity with cost

Book your table here!

Which events and activities will you attend this Day of the Dead season? Each option we have mentioned offers a special window to experience and appreciate the diversity and beauty of this holiday, allowing you to connect with the roots, stories and souls that are remembered and celebrated during these days.

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Enjoy the magic, history and culture of the Day of the Dead in the unique Mexico City!



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