6 Art Exhibitions in CDMX to See Before May 2024

The cultural and artistic offerings never stop in Mexico City. Whether it's concerts, craft fairs, gastronomic events or art exhibitions, there is always something interesting and fabulous to do in CDMX.

This time we want to tell you about 6 art exhibitions that you can see before May and that are already making their mark on the city's cultural scene. It doesn't matter if you are an art lover or just stop by a museum once in a while, these exhibitions will surely leave you with a very pleasant experience.

Beyond King Tut
Venue: Monumento a la Madre
Date: Until May 15, 2024

This exhibition will take you back in time to immerse yourself in the history of Egypt and discover the secrets of the tomb of the legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun through multi-sensory galleries that come alive with images, sounds and movement. With more than 5,000 objects on display, you'll get a detailed look at ancient Egyptian civilization, from everyday artifacts to royal treasures.

After astonishing visitors at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC and SoWa Power in Boston, this experience is in Mexico City to show more than 3,000 years of Egyptian history.

Anne Frank, Notes of Hope
Venue: Museo Memoria y Tolerancia
Date: Until March 31, 2024

Discover the moving story of Anne Frank and her diary, which recounts the horrors of the Holocaust that she and her family faced. In collaboration with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and Argentina, and through stunning museography, this exhibition immerses us in the life of the young writer, reminding us of the pain and loss of an entire culture.

In addition to the exciting narrative, the exhibition offers an augmented reality experience and fascinating light and mirror installations that invite a more interactive tour.

Impressions: Alice Rahon
Venue: Museo Kaluz
Date: Until April 8, 2024

This exhibition offers a new perspective on non-figurative painting in Mexico, highlighting the unique approach of French artist Alice Rahon and her possible influences on other artists of the time.

With 78 pieces, including works from the Kaluz Collection and other collections, the exhibition showcases Rahon's talent and impact on Mexican art. It is complemented by multimedia materials and a program of activities that includes curatorial presentations, readings of surrealist poems and surrealist film screenings.

To Live Forever (For a While)
Venue: Museo Jumex
Date: Until March 23, 2024

Museo Jumex presents "To Live Forever (For a While)", the first exhibition of the provocative artist Damien Hirst in Latin America. As part of the celebration of the museum's 10th anniversary, this exhibition brings together around 60 of the artist's emblematic works, including installations such as Natural History, Medicine Cabinets and Cherry Blossoms.

Curated in collaboration with Hirst and renowned curator Ann Gallagher, the exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of his work from 1986 to 2019, pushing the boundaries of perceptions surrounding life and death. Hirst, known for his challenging and thoughtful art, comments on his first exhibition in Mexico: "Mexico has always been a source of inspiration for me, a second home. I love its incredible culture: the Day of the Dead and the butterflies of Michoacan." With this exhibition, the artist hopes to offer a fresh and exciting look at his work.

Petrit Halijah: Runik
Venue: Museo Tamayo
Date: Until April 7, 2024

The solo exhibition "Runik" by Kosovo artist Petrit Halijah explores the relationship between language, writing and memory, reflecting on belonging to a country and the freedom to fly beyond borders. Throughout the exhibition, large-format sculptures can be seen in the central courtyard of the Museo Tamayo, as well as a series of works that dialogue with each other and with the architectural space of the museum.

With an emotional representation of birds, moths and other animals, the exhibition evokes a message of hope and resistance in the face of the war conflict. The exhibited pieces function as a secret code that reveals the artist's experiences, emotions and thoughts.

Rev(b)elada. Vivian Maier, Photographer
Venue: Museo Franz Mayer
Date: Until April 28, 2024

The fascinating works of self-taught photographer Vivian Maier make their debut in Mexico with the exhibition "Rev(b)elada. Vivian Maier, Photographer" at the Franz Mayer Museum. Maier's story is as intriguing as her photographs, as for decades she combined her work as a nanny with her secret passion for street photography, capturing daily life on the streets of Chicago and New York in extraordinary detail.

The exhibition leads into Maier's unconventional career, featuring more than 250 pieces, including photographs, cameras and personal objects. Through her work, Vivian Maier developed a unique style of self-representation and documented childhood and urban everyday life in the cities of New York and Chicago, as well as the social and economic inequalities of the second half of the 20th century.


Without a doubt, these art exhibitions in Mexico City offer an enriching and diverse experience that captures the creative essence of this vibrant city. From the captivating photographs of Vivian Maier to the innovative works of Petrit Halijah, each exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the world of contemporary art.

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