Manejo de la seguridad de los huéspedes por parte de Central Hoteles

Preventive actions COVID-19

We take care of you, just as you take care of your family.

The safety and well-being of our guests and staff are a priority for Central Hoteles, which is why we always work to provide the safest stay possible for everyone.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created the "Safe Stay" program with a board of safety and hygiene experts. We work hand in hand to provide a hospitality experience with high safety and hygiene standards.

Our Safe Stay program aims to take care of you, just as you take care of your family. For this reason, all our staff receives specialized training, and we periodically audit the protocols and procedures that have been implemented in each department.


Safety Standards

-We have authentic leadership standards in health and safety for guests and staff.

-Compliance and permanent updating of the recommendations of both the WHO and the country’s authorities.

-Safe access with sanitary controls to guests, clients, staff and suppliers.

-Control and disinfection of all the goods and products that arrive at the hotel, complying with sanitary standards. This procedure also favors our gastronomic offer and consumer safety.

-Specialized training for staff about the new hygiene and protection measures indicated for everyone's safety.


Hygiene Standards

-New cleaning measures and protocols that ensure the sanitization of the different areas using eco-friendly and biodegradable products approved by experts in virology, minimizing the environmental impact and guaranteeing everyone’s safety.

-We increase the frequency and depth of the disinfection of all spaces, establishing an always active cleaning process.

-Specific protocols for disinfection of rooms, including the air conditioning system and cleaning of bed linens, towels and textiles with certified products.

-Aware of the protection of the environment, the use of paper in rooms and restaurant was replaced by digital means.


Public Areas

-All public areas and those with the highest influx of people are part of our always active cleaning process.

-We redesign public areas to provide larger spaces with greater comfort and safety.

-We placed hand sanitizer dispensers in the different areas of the hotels and restaurant.

-The group's restaurant, Balcón del Zócalo, reduced its capacity to continue offering an extraordinary gastronomic experience in strict compliance with sanitary measures and new hospitality standards.



As COVID-19 brings continuous and unpredictable changes, we have implemented new cancellation and modifying policies to give our guests greater flexibility.



Individual reservations

Can I cancel or change my reservation at any rate?

Most of our rates are flexible and offer last-minute changes or cancellations. Please check the current policy at the time of booking. Please contact our reservations department at (52) 55 5130 5138. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Group reservations

Can I cancel or change my group reservation?

Our sales team is working to provide the maximum flexibility possible for all group reservations, including meetings and events. We evaluate on a case-by-case basis the need to cancel or postpone events.



What new routines and cleaning rules do Central Hoteles have concerning COVID-19?

In our hotels, we always prioritize hygiene and cleanliness. We emphasize the importance of good hand hygiene based on the recommendations of local health authorities.


How do we handle food at our hotels due to the coronavirus?

We follow Mexican government regulations in our facilities, including food services. All of our suppliers have the necessary regulations and certifications to operate.

Food preparation at all times is done with the strictest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This has been the case since long before the pandemic.


Information on COVID-19 testing at the hotel and Mexico City's Benito Juárez International Airport

For all our guests who require or wish to have a COVID-19 test, Central Care can assist you in making an appointment during your stay. In addition, we may have an in-house laboratory in some periods, so please consult with our staff.

A PCR and antigen testing laboratory is located at the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City for passengers and crew of international flights.

The laboratory is located between gates 3 and 4 in Terminal 1. The antigen test result is ready in 15 minutes, while the PCR test result is ready in 24 hours.

We invite you to continue taking the necessary safety and prevention measures to stay healthy.

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