Enjoy the jacaranda tree season in Mexico City

The arrival of spring brings with it one of the most celebrated and beloved guests in Mexico City: the jacaranda tree!

Every year, since February, we can see how the city's streets begin to be painted with the lovely bluish lilac tone of the jacaranda flowers. A true visual spectacle that all of us who are fortunate enough to be in CDMX during this season enjoy to the fullest.

The jacaranda tree is native to Brazil, can reach 30 meters (around 98 feet) in height, and has become an icon of the city's urban landscape.

There are several stories about how the jacaranda came to Mexico. Still, one of the best-known and accepted says that the Japanese immigrant Tatsugoro Matsumoto was responsible for bringing it to the country in the 19th century. Matsumoto was a gardener who achieved prestige for working the flowers of Chapultepec Castle under Porfirio Díaz, and after the Mexican Revolution, his fame grew considerably. So much so that he suggested to the then president, Álvaro Obregón, to plant jacarandas in the city's most important avenues.

Jacarandas come from temperate climates, so Mexico City has become an ideal home. Here, the temperature is warm most of the year, and even if it gets cold, it is not extreme. This helped the trees to grow and stay strong and beautiful. Also, jacarandas can grow in different soil types, as their roots are very adaptable.

Where to see jacarandas in Mexico City?

More and more people are attracted by the alluring spectacle of jacaranda trees in Mexico City. Throughout the city, you can appreciate their pretty lilac tones. Practically in any street you could find a jacaranda tree. But there are certain areas, parks and streets where you can observe them in all their splendor, as they are filled with jacarandas. Some of them are:

  • Alameda Central
  • Paseo de la Reforma
  • Insurgentes avenue
  • Alameda de Santa María la Ribera
  • Parque México, Condesa neighborhood
  • Glorieta de la Cibeles, Roma neighborhood
  • Veracruz street, Roma neighborhood
  • Bosque de Chapultepec
  • Presidente Masaryk avenue, Polanco neighborhood
  • Parque Lincoln, Polanco neighborhood


Walking tour from Central Hotels to see jacarandas in Mexico City

Our hotels, Zócalo Central and Histórico Central, are located in the heart of the Historic Center. From them, you can make an easy walking tour to admire the beautiful jacarandas of the city.

When leaving any of our hotels, we recommend walking down Madero street, which will take you to the Palace of Fine Arts and the Alameda Central, one of the best spots to see jacarandas. First, walk along the Alameda and enjoy all the jacarandas you will find here. Then, walk a few more blocks to get to Paseo de la Reforma, the main city avenue full of jacarandas at this time of the year. In Paseo de la Reforma, we recommend walking towards the Angel of Independence to enjoy your tour better. This entire avenue is full of jacaranda trees, so here you won't stop seeing them, and you will have the opportunity to take great pictures.

Whether you want to keep walking for a while along Reforma or maybe take some transportation to the Condesa or Polanco neighborhoods, you will see jacaranda trees everywhere in this area of the city.

Enjoy the jacaranda season in Mexico City with Central Hoteles! We look forward to having you with us and giving you the best Mexican hospitality experience in the city.

See you soon!


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