How to pack the perfect suitcase?

What should never be missing in your suitcase? Packing luggage has never been an easy task, as we always forget something or run out of space. Today, we will help you pack your suitcase for your upcoming trip to Mexico City. Are you ready?


  1. The first step before you start is to select the suitcase, and you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many days will you be traveling?

  • What is the weather forecast?

  • Will you only be visiting one destination?

  • Will you be going on excursions?

  • Will you be carrying a carry-on luggage?


  1. Once you have these questions answered, we can start with a checklist. It's much more practical to make a list of what you're going to bring rather than running around the house grabbing things non-stop.

  2. That's a very practical approach! Planning outfits for each day can save you time and make it easier to locate your clothing items in the suitcase. If you're going on a longer trip, it's a good idea to pack tops, pants, dresses, skirts, or shoes that can be easily mixed and matched.


  1. Roll your clothes and tuck them inside your shoes. By rolling your clothes and placing smaller items like socks or underwear inside your shoes, you can help prevent wrinkles. You can also fold t-shirts inside larger ones and tuck accessories inside them.


  1. Place personal hygiene items in a toiletry bag or a sealed plastic bag. This is where you can pack items like moisturizer, makeup, contact lenses, toothpaste, etc. Carry this toiletry bag in your checked luggage, as they may be removed if placed in your carry-on bag at the airport.


  1. Most importantly, leave some space for souvenirs, as there are many things in Mexico City that you'll likely want to bring back home with you.


If you're concerned about delicate clothing, Central Hoteles offers wardrobes where you can hang your clothes and laundry services, so you can enjoy your stay without any worries.


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