Mexico and its celebrations

As is tradition, our country dresses in color in September, the month in which being Mexican becomes the main reason to celebrate, especially for the celebration of one of the most important struggles that changed the history of our country. , the independence.

Traditionally, Mexico turns colorful in September, when being Mexican is the reason to celebrate, especially when we commemorate one of the most important milestones in our country’s history, one that changed the course of our country:  Mexico’s independence. Arrangements start many weeks before September 15th, and Mexicans show their national pride. The cities and towns of the country are decorated with the colors of Mexico’s flag, while regional music can be heard everywhere.  

The celebration   Gastronomy: Chiles en Nogada is the traditional dish that is always served during this celebration, and which was born together with Mexico’s independence in 1821, in the city of Puebla, and now is an icon of the Mexican cuisine around the world. At Hotel Zocalo Central, you will find our Balcon del Zocalo Restaurant, where this tradition is present every year. Chef Pepe Salinas prepares this iconic dish for you, with fruity taste that mixes with seeds and meat, which also smoothly combines with the spicy touch of chile poblano, and boasts the colors of our flag –parsley, pomegranate and “nogada” (a sauce made with cream, walnuts and a twist of sherry). This plate also acquires a characteristic smell thanks to oak wood used to smoke the chiles poblanos.

The Independence Route: A number of Mexican cities are part of this tourist route, which includes many locations that played a fundamental role during the War of Independence: Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato and Queretaro. This season is the perfect time to start your visit to Mexico in one of these cities, and finish at the Zocalo Square of Mexico City, where we celebrate the independence of our country in the traditional night of the Cry of Independence.


The Cry of Independence: Once all the preparations finish, in all the cities and towns of the country Mexicans celebrate the “Cry of Independence” on September 15th, where the voices of all the people call at the same time “Viva Mexico”, and celebrate with music, dances and fireworks, with the Historic Center of Mexico City being the main venue for this great celebration. Enjoy this event with a spectacular view of the Zocalo Square from the terrace of Hotel Zocalo Central.

The military parade: On September 16th, for celebrating the Anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, there’s a Commemorative Military Parade that starts in the Zocalo Square and goes through Paseo de la Reforma, and finishes at Campo Marte, next to the National Auditorium. Enjoy this parade from the terrace of Balcon del Zocalo, where, in addition to see the different military squads, you can admire some of our iconic traditions: the presentation of groups of people wearing different traditional customs from all the regions in Mexico, as well as the exhibition of charreria (horsemen), and escaramuza charra ("skirmish", a female team riding horses in choreographed synchronized maneuvers to music).


In September, Mexico is full of colors and celebration. Join us to commemorate the 209th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, in a festive atmosphere and with the Mexican hospitality that characterizes us.


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