Mexican coffee, quality and tradition for the world.

Having a cup of coffee is a comforting experience. Its essence makes us feel calm and inspired to face the day with the best attitude to meet our goals. It’s the perfect excuse to meet, share special moments and have endless conversations. And when the coffee is good, with great smell and taste, the experience is much more enjoyable. Mexico is globally acclaimed for producing high-quality coffee. The weather, the soil, the high and the topography of states like Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla, Guerrero, and Hidalgo, are the perfect combination to cultivate and produce a wide range of coffee varieties, which have been listed as the best in the world. In addition, coffee growers use high-quality practices and standards, making Mexico one of the biggest exporters of organic and gourmet coffee in the world.


Coffee for everyone

Coffee consumption in Mexico has increased in the recent years thanks to a growing coffee culture that bring us closer to new experiences and knowledge about this beautiful tradition. People like different coffee varieties: Some like black and strong coffee, others prefer to add milk and sweeteners, while some enjoy adding exotic flavors like vanilla, amaretto, cinnamon, and liquors –the combinations are unlimited. In Mexico, for example, you can find “Cafe de olla”, a traditional and unique way to prepare coffee: Placing ground coffee in boiling water –using a clay pot-, and adding piloncillo (unrefined whole cane sugar) and cinnamon. Cafe de olla tastes better when served in clay mugs. Enjoy a good cup of coffee when your need it. Café Central is opened 24x7 for those connoisseurs and lovers of good coffee. Come to taste it!


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