Must-do experiences in Mexico City's Historic Center

The Historic Center of Mexico City is an area where you can breathe an atmosphere full of history, culture and art, combined with the modernity of a cosmopolitan city. 

There are many things to do and see in the Historic Center, but you should not miss certain experiences that we really recommend you to live.

Get ready to enjoy places, events, flavors and sights that will stay with you forever.


Attend a concert or cultural event at the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes) is the ultimate house of art in Mexico. It is a spectacular location for symphonic concerts, operas, dance events, piano performances and much more.

The palace's main hall is a work of art, with its large glass curtain that has about 1 million crystals and depicts the volcanoes that frame the city: Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. The fabulous stained-glass window showing the Greek god Apollo surrounded by his 9 muses located at the top of the theater's ceiling is also to be admired.

While you are in the Historic Center of Mexico City, you can't miss the opportunity to go to a concert or event in this wonderful cultural precinct. 

Visit a cantina more than 100 years old

In Mexico, and particularly in CDMX, we have a long tradition of cantinas that was consolidated at the end of the 19th century during the time of President Porfirio Díaz, when there were more than 1,000 cantinas in the Mexican capital alone.

Today, only a few of the cantinas that emerged at that time still exist in the Historic Center, so an extraordinary experience is to visit one (or several) of them.

The cantina El Gallo de Oro is one of the most beloved in downtown and has been open since 1874. La Peninsular opened in 1872, and although it was remodeled a few years ago, it retains echoes of its beginnings in its walls. La Ópera has been operating as a cantina since 1895 and is famous because its roof bears the mark of a bullet that Pancho Villa, one of the most representative characters of the Mexican Revolution, is said to have fired. 


Explore the MUNAL from beginning to end

The National Museum of Art (MUNAL) is one of the most beautiful buildings not only in the Historic Center, but in all of Mexico City. It has a fantastic collection of more than 3,000 Mexican and international art pieces from the sixteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century.

We don’t know what is more impressive, if the building itself, or the works of art you can admire here. Definitely, touring this museum from beginning to end is something you must do in the city.


Try something exotic at San Juan Market

The streets of the Historic Center also hold a very unconventional market where you can find imported gastronomic products and exotic dishes.

What do we mean by exotic? Well, things like a lion hamburger, fried scorpions, grilled wild boar meat, crocodile ceviche, iguana mixiotes, quesadillas with insects, and many other eccentricities.

The San Juan Market is one of the oldest and most traditional in Mexico City. Whether you dare to try something exotic or not, visiting it is an experience you will never forget.


Enjoy the afternoon from a terrace with a panoramic view

There’s nothing better than enjoying a sunny afternoon with a beautiful view. In the Historic Center, there are different terraces where you can admire fabulous panoramic views of the area, but, without a doubt, the best view is from our restaurant Balcón del Zócalo.

Balcón del Zócalo is located right in front of the Zócalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. The heart of the heart of the city. Taking a break after touring downtown and sitting down to eat something delicious, have a drink, and relax while enjoying a beautiful view is one of the experiences you will like the most.


Take a green walk in the city

Mexico City is not only streets and buildings. We also have incredible green areas worth visiting at any time of the year.

An example of this is the Bosque de Chapultepec, the largest park in the city. Here, you can enjoy different outdoor activities such as picnics, boat rides on the lake, or simply walking among the trees. In addition, this forest is also home to other major sites of historical and cultural interest in the city, such as the Chapultepec Castle, the National Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Modern Art.

The Chapultepec Forest is located about 20 minutes by car from the Historic Center.


Go to some of the seasonal concerts and events in the city

In CDMX, there’s always an exciting event or concert. If you are a fan of Foo Fighters, IDLES, Ricky Martin or Marc Anthony, you can go to their shows presented during March in different venues around the city.

Also, the mango season in Mexico begins at the end of February and lasts until August. Mangoes are brought to the city from states such as Guerrero, Chiapas and Oaxaca, so don’t forget to enjoy this delicious and juicy fruit during your stay.

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