The city of art

Monuments, museums and exhibitions; In Mexico City there is always something new to discover. Make your trip to the Capital a different experience and discover Mexico through art.

Monuments, museums and art exhibitions. There is always something new to know in Mexico City. Make your trip to the capital city a unique experience and discover Mexico through its art. Located a few streets from Zocalo Central, the Fine Arts Palace celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Olympics with the exhibition entitled “1968, the Olympic and Cultural Year”, at the Time Corner Room. You’ll be able to admire one of the emblematic torches that brought the Olympic flame from Greece, the tennis shoes the Olympics medalist Felipe “Tibio” Muñoz used, different objects of the Carlos Monsivais’ collection, and a wide range of related objects. You can visit this exhibition for free from Tuesday through Sunday.  If you’re a theater enthusiast, the “El Galeon” features a wide range of plays you can enjoy. “Blindness is not a springboard”, directed by David Gaitan, is a Mexico-Germany co-production where actors graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Goethe Institute show their great talent. By performing a series of idea drills, including vocal and music mixes, a light and video composition and even tap dancing, the characters try to materialize an idea around making contemporary theater. “El Galeon” is located on one of the main city’s avenues: Paseo de la Reforma and Campo Marte.You can also enjoy a long walk in a venue where the Mexican vegetation, art, architecture, policy and culture converge.

Now open to the public, “The Official Residence of Los Pinos”, known today as “Los Pinos Cultural Complex”, was the home of Mexico’s presidents and their families between 1934 and 2018.


In the southern part of the city, you can visit the “Contemporary Art Museum” (MUAC), a space designed for the art to meet the community. The MUAC is one of the “youngest” museums in Mexico City, where sensitive, affective and understanding experiences are created, which offer a wide range of exploration possibilities. Its renovated and dynamic image reflects vitality in line with the current and evolving spirit. Ai Weiwei presents in this museum his historical and political readymade entitled “Resetting Memories”, where this artist explores the Mexico-China relations in order to construct social memory. You can visit this exhibition till October 2019. We wait for you at Central Hoteles so you can know the City of Art at any time of the year.  


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