Virtual Mexican Culture

At Central Hoteles we care about the well-being of our guests and the culture of Mexico City. That is why, in these complicated times, we share with you a new way to visit the most emblematic museums in the Capital. We show you 5 virtual museums that you can enjoy during your stay with Central Hoteles: National Museum of Art: In the heart of the Historic Center, is the MUNAL (National Museum of Art), which exhibits, studies and disseminates works made between the second half of the 16th century and 1954. These are characterized by transmitting a global vision of the history of Mexican art during that period of time. Your virtual tour offers a 360-degree view of its halls, architectural details and collections dating back to the early 20th century. You can take the tour online on their website:


Palacio de Bellas Artes:

The Palace of Fine Arts, inaugurated in 1934, was the first museum in Mexico dedicated to exhibiting artistic objects. Over time, in addition to showing plastic production, they fostered a platform for action and space to show the works of national and international artists, contributing to a new way of appreciating art. Currently, with its Digital Museum, you can see its collection of 17 murals, created by the main Mexican plastic artists, such as Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco and Rufino Tamayo. These artistic works capture the history of our country on their walls permanently. Website:


Antiguo Colegio San Ildefonso:


Of baroque construction, the Old School of San Ilfedonso museum corresponds to the New Spain period. Its virtual tour allows you to visit its most representative areas, through a day or night digital tour, such as its Main Patio, where the mural “La Trinchera” by José Clemente Orozco is located, the Generalito Room, where the “Cortés” murals appear and Malinche” in addition to the stairs where you will find the “La Bienvenida” stained glass window. The tour does not end there, as it extends through the lobbies and hallways, where the “Social Garbage” murals are located on the first floor, the Amphitheater where Diego Rivera painted the mural “La Creación” as well as the Patio de Pasantes. Website:


Museo Nacional de Historia. Castillo de Chapultepec.


In the highest part of the Chapultepec Forest, this museum is located, occupying the historic Chapultelec Castle. This was designed as a rest house by order of Viceroy Bernardo Gálvez and has had various uses over time, such as the headquarters of the Military College, the scene of battles during the American invasion, the imperial residence of Maximilian and Carlota, and even the presidential residence. Currently, it houses a collection of almost 100 thousand pieces representative of the history of Mexico and, in its virtual offering, it presents one of the most complete tours, since its navigation takes you through all its rooms and allows you to zoom in on specific objects. In addition, it has an audio guide that explains step by step during the tour of the entire property. Website:


Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo:    

Without a doubt, the Blue House is one of the destinations that you cannot miss, since the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was born, lived and died in this residence. During your virtual visit, you will be able to enjoy her works, gardens, pond and rooms of this emblematic house, you will even be able to observe the diary of the iconic painter. Website:


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