Safe Stay in Mexico City, the new program at Central Hoteles

The world changed and with it the way of living, working, relating and traveling. From one moment to another it seems as if it has stopped, just like our lives. Now, being more aware of personal space, of the well-being of all life forms that inhabit the planet and of the hygiene measures that we must follow, the world gradually prepares to continue moving towards a new normality.


The time has come to change, reinvent and adapt, and at Central Hoteles we take it with seriousness and importance. This is why we have created the “Safe Stay” program so that your lodging experience in Mexico City is completely safe, without leaving aside the excellence in service and warmth that have always characterized us. "Safe Stay" is a program that raises the levels of safety and hygiene in all areas of our hotels and restaurant. As part of this program, we have also created a council made up of internal and external health and safety experts who will work hand in hand to provide a safe lodging experience with truly leadership standards for the protection of our guests, clients, collaborators, community and environment. The health crisis has reinforced our vision, mission, values ​​and commitment to a responsible tourism model that cares for people, nature and living conditions. With this new integral vision in the analysis of a new reality, we are reopening Central Hoteles, as well as our Balcón del Zócalo restaurant.


We are happy to share new experiences and offer you the true value of Mexican hospitality with the welcoming attention we provide to pamper you and make every moment of your stay unforgettable. The historic center of Mexico City is one of the most interesting, lively and dynamic places in the country. What can be better than enjoying it with the peace of mind that you will be completely safe in the place that will be your home for a few days: Central Hoteles. It fills us with hope and happiness to receive you once again, always focused on you and your well-being. We start this period with great strength and being leaders in the new way of staying in the heart of Mexico City’s historic center. Come and stay with us. We hope to see you soon!          


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