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When you travel, you have the opportunity to discover different cultures, try dishes prepared with ingredients unknown for you, and know places through new experiences. Either for business or leisure, when you visit Mexico’s capital city, you can’t miss walking around the most ancient urban park in Latin America: Chapultepec Forest. In this venue you’ll find tourist attractions, sports facilities, fountains, and lakes; it’s the perfect place to take an afternoon walk, have a picnic with your family, or enjoy a boat ride with your beloved one. At the Chapultepec Forest, everyone has something to do!

 Chapultepec Zoo The home of more than 1,201 specimens of the Mexican and world wildlife, the Chapultepec Zoo is one of the most emblematic tourist attractions of Mexico City. The zoo is now also the home of endangered species like the giant panda, the Mexican wolf, and the golden eagle. We suggest visiting the zoo in the morning, so you have the chance to participate in activities held in the butterfly farm. Chapultepec Zoo opens Tuesday-Monday, 9:00 a.m-4:30 p.m.

Papalote Children’s Museum A museum designed entirely for fun and learning, through experiences that help children to understand the world around them, is located in the Chapultepec Forest. The Papalote Children’s Museum also opens its doors to adults – kids stay at home on Thursday night, while their parents can enjoy different activities: artistic interventions, collective challenges, music bands, climbing the Tree Ramon, or blowing huge soap bubbles.

Chapultepec Lake To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence, three artificial lakes were constructed in different areas of the Chapultepec Forest. Enjoy the main lake on a boat. Boat rides can last up to 30 minutes, and you can feed ducks or just contemplate spectacular sunsets. Casa de Lago If you look for choices for having lunch, visit “La Casa del Lago” restaurant, and enjoy a great view of the lakes right from your table. You also can admire the pieces of art displayed in its galleries –areas dedicated to encourage the creation and artistic collaboration. National Museum of Anthropology For those who like visiting museums, the Chapultepec Forest hosts the most important museums of the country: the National Museum of Anthropology and History.


This museum preserves the Mexican indigenous legacy. Its building is widely recognized around the world due to its innovative design, art and symbolism. This space invites to reflect upon the indigenous legacy of our multicultural nation. Our Zocalo Central and Historico Central Hotels are located 20 minutes from Chapultepec, where you’ll find these and other tourist attractions. We invite you to visit them during your visit to Mexico City. Remember, as a guest of our hotels you can get a bicycle to ride to the Chapultepec Forest and turn your holidays into an unforgettable memory.


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